The software "Clefs de détermination Version 3.0" is now available here

Identifying Amanita, Boletus and Peziza

After "Clef des pézizes Version 1.1" in 1998, "Clefs de détermination Version 1.2beta" in 2000 and "Clefs de détermination Version 2.0" in 2002, we are proud to present version 3.0 including in the same software a key for both Amanita, Peziza and Boletus as well as many pictures.

Rémy Péan and myself spent nearly two years working on this new version including the key for Amanita and plenty of improvements.

The database contains about 60 Amanita, 110 Peziza and 130 Boletus. This software is very easy to use and will provide an easy way to determine Amanita, Peziza and Boletus.

We apologize for this software existing only in French version...